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Senate Debates Uncertain Future of U.S. Spaceflight
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2021 16:00:00 GMT
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A congressional hearing about NASA’s budget and activities offered more questions than answers about the International Space Station, orbital debris hazards and returning astronauts to the moon

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NASA"s James Webb Space Telescope Will Face "29 Days on the Edge"
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2021 10:45:00 GMT
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The observatory must complete about 50 major deployments after liftoff

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One witness occupied the stand for the better part of week seven in the criminal trial of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes. For two days straight, jurors heard testimony from former Theranos insider Daniel Edlin, who was a friend of Holmes" brother and worked at the failed blood testing startup for five years.

Twenty years ago this weekend, Apple launched the original, iconic iPod. Six years later, I was gifted my first and only version of the device: a third-generation iPod Nano, fit with a square screen, a click wheel and an engraving on the back: "Sofia Barrett, Happy 11th Birthday."

Ridehail company Lyft on Thursday released its first ever safety report, disclosing that it received 4,158 reports of sexual assault on its platform in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Snapchat"s parent company crossed $1 billion in quarterly revenue for the first time ever, but worse-than-expected earnings and a forecast of more headwinds to come led its stock to crash on Thursday.

Facebook failed to provide crucial details about its "Cross-Check" program that reportedly shielded millions of VIP users from the social media platform"s normal content moderation rules, according to the company"s oversight board.

When Amazon opened a sprawling warehouse in her community in March 2020, Jennifer Bates never guessed she"d find herself testifying before members of Congress one year later about the "grueling" conditions she experienced working inside it.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal wrote to Mark Zuckerberg Wednesday, calling on the Facebook CEO or the head of Instagram to testify on the platform"s harms on children.

Smartphone design hasn"t varied much in years and customers are typically beholden to whatever decisions manufacturers make.

Pinterest"s stock surged on Wednesday following a report that digital payments company PayPal is looking to potentially buy the bookmarking website.

Facebook is planning to rebrand itself with a new name focused on the metaverse, the Verge reported on Tuesday, as the tech giant comes under fire from regulators around the world over its business practices.

The UK competition regulator has slapped Facebook with a $70 million fine for repeatedly ignoring warnings and deliberately breaking its rules.

Volograms has developed technology that lets users create augmented reality content on a smartphone.

To many people a decade or so ago, Elizabeth Holmes was the founder of high-flying blood-testing startup Theranos. To Daniel Edlin, she was the sister of his Duke University college buddy, Christian.

Mark "Forger" Stucky, who for six years headed the test pilot program at space company Virgin Galactic before he says he was fired earlier this year, is taking a job with the company"s chief competitor, Blue Origin.

Google"s Pixel smartphones are taking a big step toward becoming a true Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy competitor.

Almost immediately after Apple unveiled its new AirPods product in 2016, the memes began. There were photoshopped pictures of electric toothbrushes dangling from ears and jokes about the wireless earbuds resembling miniature hair dryers, oversized plastic earrings and Snoopy.

Years before Microsoft"s board investigated a romantic relationship that founder Bill Gates had with an employee, Gates was told by fellow executives to stop inappropriately emailing with a different employee, Microsoft confirmed on Monday.

Apple showed off its second batch of new products ahead of the all-important holiday shopping season.

A common find in household backyards has been blamed for the tragic death of this family dog, prompting vets to reissue strong warnings for owners.

An eight-year-old reviewing everything from handguns to flamethrowers has begun to turn heads worldwide, amassing a giant following online.

Massive storm cells are bearing down on Sydney and Brisbane as Victorians are alerted to the risk of "thunderstorm asthma".

The former tradies behind one of Australiaas most loved Instagram pages have revealed how they made the jump from hi-vis to influencer.

Footage showing an army veteran dealing with a would-be armed robber has gone viral after he swiftly dealt with the situation.

Images have revealed the moment a tornado struck near Brisbane Airport, as authorities issue warnings for severe storms.

In whatas been labelled one of the most convincing ghost videos ever seen, a dog reacts in terror as her collar is removed and drops to the floor.

Incredible footage has emerged of an enormous reptile that was found in a rainforest a and it took a digger to remove it.

China tested two hypersonic aspace nukesa earlier this year that demonstrated technology the US is struggling to understand.

There are growing calls for hardware giant Bunnings to ban a product that has been a popular buy, especially in the past six months.

If youare planning a trip around Australia with family or friends, there arenat many cars that would do a better job than this one.

New technology thatas becoming popular overseas could provide an innovative answer to a problem that is holding back progress in Australia.

Net zero payout slammed
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Claims that the Nationals will be paid out with $250 billion by the government for agreeing to net zero have been slammed.

The Morrison government has been accused of being aaddicted to secrecya after it failed to publicly release an important document this morning.

Lockdown may be over but no one told these residents. While movement has begun to soar in Sydney, in some suburbs itas barely budged.

Outspoken politician Jacqui Lambie claims Barnaby Joyce has embarrassed Australians.

More extreme weather is expected to hit Australiaas east coast where severe storm cells are threatening to form.

An Amazon user has revealed her shock at discovering thousands of voice clips she claims the company has collected from her devices.

The authors of a aworld-firsta Australian face mask study that was ripped apart by experts as avery, very low qualitya have issued a response to the criticism.

A man has been hospitalised after he was chased by a large farm animal and hit in the chest.

A north Queensland community has been belted with hailstones the size of which Australia has never seen.

The full features of Googleas highly anticipated new smartphone have finally been released a hereas where you can order one, and how much itall cost.

Activists have glued themselves to a busy public road and put on a haunting show in a dramatic display against the federal government.

A stunned scuba diver discovered a abeautiful and rarea treasure dating back to the Crusades during a routine trip on the weekend.

A group of dog owners has infuriated former TV vet Dr Katrina Warren over a particularly frustrating habit that drives her acrazya.

Tech giantas bold new move
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The maker of Appleas iPhone has revealed a new direction for the company a and it could have a huge impact of the car industry.

Franchise owners have launched a huge compensation claim over the brandas attempts to cut them out of the new-car sales process.

Warnings are live for thunderstorms, flooding and fires as the nation braces for more days of extreme weather.

A final report has been issued with a dire warning from experts after the destruction of ancient Australian sites dating back 46,000 years.

Jon-Bernard Kairouz, the TikTok comedian who shot to fame during Sydneyas Covid-19 outbreak, has a message for Daniel Andrews.

Worried Facebook is listening to you? Here"s how to stop it: Talking Tech podcast
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2021 13:28:31 +0000
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On the Talking Tech podcast, Brett Molina discusses how to block your mic if you think Facebook is listening to you.

In 2019, a Facebook staffer created two fictitious accounts to see what content the platform recommended. What the research found was alarming.