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Our Services

  • New web product definition
  • Customer requirement analysis
  • Developing insights & customer requirement analysis
  • Product launch analysis
  • Alpha and Bets tests
  • Competitive market analysis
  • Product roadmap development
  • Literature development
  • Advertising campaign development
  • Marketing communication plan development
  • Public relations (press releases, press kits, social networking, e-newsletters)
  • Web design
  • Website content development
  • Web applications
  • Audio & video integration
  • Target market development
  • Sales management
  • Sales calls and appointment setting
  • Sales presentations
  • Lead generation and lead qualification
  • Customer centric marketing
  • Focused sales strategy
  • Price strategy

Website SEO and other Optimization Services

  1. Analyze the current website for any problems that might affect Search Engine Optimization by Google. I will use Google Webmaster Tool to analyze.  Fix the issue if they need to be fixed. These are usually Title Tags, missing indexed pages, Description Tags,…H1, H2, H3 tags.  A Report will be provided. This takes only couple of hours.  A code will be inserted in the website.  This code is provided by Google webmaster tool.  It usually takes a day for google to provide the results.  The use of webmaster tool will be daily to monitor the website.
  2. Use Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool to identify the relevant keywords.  Use Semrush, Spyfu and other tools to monitor competition keywords and their effectiveness.
  3. Use Analytics to measure the organic keywords, paid keywords, user flow, demographics, page load time, content drill down, and many other useful and relevant scales.  This will also be daily. A report will be provided daily as what has happened the day before with ads, and paid keywords.  There will also be an analysis of organic keywords, their landing pages, exit pages and other important scales such as bounce rate and new users.
  4. Place the website in paid directories such as Yahoo.
  5. Place website in free blogs, directories, and local directories. Examples: https://lalasercenter.wikispaces.com/home  , http://www.blogster.com/taheridermatology/eczema-the-unrecognized-risk-factor-for-fracture-and-other-injuries , http://www.inube.com/account/blog/edit/4214717/do/ , http://cms.taheri-dermatology.webnode.com/?aw=1 , https://www.whodoyou.com/biz/171681/westwood-dermatology-los-angeles-ca , http://www.yellowbook.com/profile/rosquist-clinic_1625695021.html , https://www.manta.com/ng?ftoggle-frontend-prod-on=abTests.revenue.responsive_02032015_c&utm_expid=82789632-30.NJYNlVUdTD21e-Hx75j2aA.4&rld=%2Fedit%2Fc%2Fmbd6vrw%2Fla-laser-cosmetic%3Frl%3Dclaim-success&rl=claim-edit-redirect#!/member/login , http://radarfrog.gatehousemedia.com/addlisting/ , http://www.slidesearch.org/slide/rosquist-chiropractic-clinic-pleasant-grove-utah  I have 50 more …..
  6. Analyze the content and keywords of the website for on page optimization. Improving the copy, title, descriptions,…anchored keywords. This depends on number of pages on your website.   
  7. Create landing pages that motivates visitors to respond, call or fill out email forms. I will improved the home page with relevant enticing content that we can also use as effective landing page.  
  8. Design images (using Photoshop), brochures, banners, slides, and other persuasive messages through copy and images.
  9. Create compelling videos, photos, images, ..for YouTube, and website. All videos will be edited for effective and professional presentation. All images will be cropped, and enhanced using Photoshop.
  10. Plan Google AdWords Ads and measure their effectiveness daily if not hourly.
  11. Plan Facebook Ads and measure their effectiveness.
  12. Create conversion landing pages and codes for Google to measurement of conversion.
  13. Create compelling Press Releases.

We are innovative and creative consultants in the area of Branding, Internet Marketing, and Internet Advertising. Please contact kamyarkatiraie @ gmail.com or call 424-333-1123. We will be glad to help you with your Internet Marketing and Online Branding plans.

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